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Oh Hey There!

I'm Jess

You know, the face behind the camera here at Jess Sonderman Photography! You’ll notice I wear many hats… some of my favorites being photographer, studio owner, educator, wife, and mama (but to be honest, I think getting to be the mama of two tiny humans is my favorite). I feel so blessed to be able to employ myself doing the thing I love the most—helping others remember life’s most important moments. Getting to really know each and every one of the people I shoot? Now that’s a whole different level of epic.







But let’s not jump ahead—I’ll tell you a little bit about myself first. Fact: my mom hates that the world calls me Jess (in her mind, Jessica was never meant to be abbreviated). & now that we’ve got an icebreaker out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. I mentioned my two tiny humans up there, and that’s a good place to start. I have a son and a daughter—who I admire so much. Being their mom is more incredible than I could ever put into words. And their father? Swoon. He is an incredible pilot who daily serves God, his family, & his country, with all his heart. Oh how I love him. I have been passionate about creating since before I could remember, but sometimes struggled to find the very best fit for me. I dabbled in painting, sculpture, and multimedia, but something about how instantaneous photos are has always appealed to me. My world is full of beauty & goodness, and my favorite bits of life are God, my family, traveling, and, well, you incredible people!


Which, dear friends, is why I am personally committed to serving each and every one of you with care, attention, and an abundance of gratitude. From beginning to end, my goal is that you feel completely comfortable and at home throughout your entire photo experience. My hope for our time spent together? Our paths crossing will be a memory in and of itself.


My Invitation To You

kick off your shoes and stay a while


You Have A Story

Worth Telling

You saw earlier that I specialize in photography that tells your story and frames your happiest memories. This could not be more true! Every memory that means something to you means something to me. Below you will find many of the stories I’ve had the honor of telling in the past—I encourage you to look through them! As you’re exploring, I want you to envision yourself & your family, on your happiest moments, frozen in a photograph like so many of my guests here. Your most joyous days deserve to be captured, so let’s get together!


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"I would definitely recommend Jess! She was very easy to work with and responded super fast in setting up a photoshoot. She was fantastic with our little guy and I'm very thankful for the pictures we got to remember his first birthday!"



Calling All

No matter where you’re at in business, where you came from, or where you want to go… I want you all to imagine for a moment what it would look like to have someone walking alongside you every single step of your photography journey. For example—​

A friend who could answer any and all of your questions about photography. Someone who knows the trade inside and out, is passionate about the same things you are, and has successfully built a profitable business on everything they’ve learned.

A guide to help you establish effective processes—everything from booking, client communication, accounting, final gallery delivery, & more! Someone who (you guessed it) has spent years perfecting their workflows & is ready and able to help you get to that advanced point in your business wayyyyy sooner than they did.


And of course, a practical walkthrough of how to pose your clients, tricks to make everything run more smoothly, and hands-on practice during a real session to top it all off!


If you hadn’t already guessed, surprise! That’s me! You can have allll of those goodies (and more) when you book a mentor session with me—don’t hesitate! It’s never too early to start investing in your business.


"Jess is a fantastic photographer with an amazing gift! She has such a great eye and made us feel so comfortable. She communicates throughout the whole process. We will definitely be using Jess for future photography needs! If you are looking for some amazing photos, I highly recommend!" 


But Wait, There's More!

introducing Joyride Social Studio

The studio built to serve photographers, videographers, influencers, and small businesses… Drumroll please!!

​I am beyond thrilled to announce Joyride Social Studio, Jess Sonderman Photography’s brand new home base. This place is truly any creative’s wildest dream. Offering three large & cohesive shooting areas, competitively stylish (& frequently changing) decorations, and the same heart and soul that powers Jess Sonderman, I’m afraid you’ll find yourselves never wanting to leave! Don’t believe me? Book a spot today and see for yourself (hint: I know you’re going to LOVE it)!



Are You Ready To

Join This Joyride?

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